Titan’s labor and employment team has extensive expertise and experience in PRC employment arbitration and litigation, and deliver optimal employment and HR solutions for our clients.
Our employment and labor dispute practice area include:
?      Drafting and revising employment/labor contracts, employee’s handbook, confidentiality/non-disclosure and non-competition agreements, and other HR-related policies and documents
?      Advising on criminal liability of employees, compliance/anti-corruption issues and related matters, assisting the employer to make investigation and evidence gathering in relation to employment terminations
?      Advising on planning workforce reduction plans and strategies, participating in employment negotiation
?      Providing legal services related to trade union matters, such as drafting and revising collective employment contracts, assisting in trade union establishment
?      Advising on issues related to social insurance and welfare
?      Representing employer in labor-related mediation, arbitration and litigation
?      Training employees in relation to labor and employment law, compliance / anti-corruption and protecting employer’s trade secrets

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